Why outsource your payroll?

Prevention of Fraud

  • Outsourcing removes the risk of fraud by providing a professional and specialized service

Staff Dependency

  • No payroll staff required which eliminates:
  • Leave entitlement – Outsourcing is always available, no need for replacement staff
  • Bonus – No employee bonuses to pay
  • Training – No cost to train new payroll staff
  • Recruitment – No cost to recruit payroll staff

Payroll related overheads

  • Software Licenses & Consulting Fees
  • Printing & Stationary Cost
  • IT Infrastructure such as e-mail, internet and telephone usage
  • Security & Confidentiality – payroll information is kept confidential & only disclosed to designated staff.

Access to professional advice

  • With our extensive knowledge and experience of payroll and legislation, we are in a position to provide you with sound advice when you need it

Comprehensive payroll processing on Accsys software

  • Award winning South African payroll software which specializes in people management solutions. With over 3000 companies using their solution and over 14 million payslips initiated per year, Accsys have established their payroll solution as a market leader.

Other advantages of outsourcing

  • Month to month detailed payroll variance reports ensures accurate payroll
  • Processing and distribution of payslips (hardcopy or electronic format)
  • Compliance to all statutory requirements including tax year end submissions
  • Database administration in the hands of outsourcing
  • Flexible outsourcing solution to suit your needs


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