Payroll Services


Full function Payroll Administration and Management

  • From processing to salary payment and reporting

Statutory & Legislative Compliance

  • Monthly Audit on payroll and processes

Leave Administration

  • All required leave types and reporting

Keeping of payroll related statutory records

  • Safekeeping of all records for the required number of years

Submission of monthly EMP201 Returns to SARS

  • Ensures compliance by required date

Annual Submission and reconciliation of EMP501 & IRP5’s

  • Full compliance with legislation

Submission of COID returns

  • Ensures compliance by required date

Generated EFT files, payslips and Month end cost reports

  • Fully customized to suit the clients’ needs

Administer and liaise with third parties

  • Reconciliation and integration with third party reporting systems

General Ledger interfaces

  • Integrated to client’s requirements

Package Calculator for prospective employees

  • Ensure prospective employee packages are satisfactory and agreed upon

Professional Advise

  • Access to professional advice when required, we will also extend this advice to employee queries