Objective of our business

Our Company is aligned with public companies and strive to empower people and communities by;
  • Creating of employment / jobs
  • Creation of wealth
  • Promoting South African’s standard of living
  • Empowering woman and the youth
  • Being a Market Leader in our industry
  • Promote the creation of Wealth and Prosperity
The company is sustained through;
  • Specific targeted marketing strategies.
  • Providing excellent service to the private and corporate sectors.
  • Ensuring our employees are in line with our service offering by encouraging and offering development and training.
  • Adapt sound financial practices and ensure compliance to all legislative requirements



We comply with the minimum requirements as an “Exempted B-BBEE company.

Our organization voluntarily adheres to affirmative action and employment equity as well as OHSA practices (WCA) as outlined in the relevant Act’s.

This is what our customers say about us!

“Since we have sourced your service in 2012 we have more time to spend on other aspects of our business and we are assured of compliance especially in terms of SARS. I am happy to say that it is working very well and we can recommend Aztro to any company with the greatest of confidence.”
Christa Symons
Tax Client
“Thank you and your staff for the good work. Keep it up. Regards.
Charlie Mnisi
Tax Client
“Exceptional experience, hassle free –I just wanted to thank you again for all the assistance and guidance during this period, it really streamlined the whole process and made it pain free. ”
Dorianne Odendaal
Business Service Client